EASY READING for ESL Students - Book 3

Easy Reading for ESL Students - Book 3 is a comprehensive reader designed especially for intermediate and advanced students of English as a Second Language. The book was developed and tested by full-time teachers of English.

There are twelve stories accompanied by comprehension, vocabulary, speaking and writing exercises. The stories are short (400 - 500 words). Each story and its exercises can be completed in 60 minutes.

An American doctor is captured by an Indian tribe and taken into their village in the middle of the rain forest. His chances to survive are very small. Then something unbelievable happens, and he becomes the shaman.  

A policeman is arresting a man on the street in the middle of the night. When he looks at the man's face, he can't believe his eyes. Who is that man?

After a road accident a group of children are stuck in the mountains. Their bus driver and their teacher are hurt. It is dark and cold. The children are frightened. A boy prays for a miracle. And then the miracle happens.

It's dark. A man is running in the forest. Suddenly he hears voices. He stops and goes to see who is speaking. Then a big adventure unfolds.

And many more...

This book is for everybody who wants to improve their English. It's fun to learn English by reading interesting stories.

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